“I totally recommend that anyone who wants to really understand BPD buy A.J. Mahari’s ebooks and audio programs. Along with all her stuff on the web they are even more insightful and informative. After purchasing A.J.’s products I did some life coaching with her too. A.J. doesn’t just write about BPD, she has lived it. She has lived both sides of it. She is an amazing life coach too. With A.J.’s support I am making my way through the pain and grief of having loved someone with BPD and coming to terms with the reasons for the relationship and my need to let go.”

-- Rick Meyers, Scotland

“I’ve been working one-on-one with AJ for a little over a year now. In our weekly telephone or video chat sessions, we talk about a variety of topics ranging from my BPD symptoms to events in my past that might account for certain behaviors to tools that can help me lead a better life in the present. You will be exploring difficult and painful topics, so be prepared. AJ is supportive and kind, and her insights are usually very good. I’ve also found her audios helpful.”

-- Mitchell Stevens

I discovered AJ Mahari and started working with her. At first I spent so much time talking about my ex and wondering why she did this and why she did that. AJ taught me a lot about bpd, but more importantly she helped me to begin to see that the more I kept focusing on my exbpdgf, the more I kept avoiding my own issues. She helped me to look within and face my own stuff, which included my own feelings of emptiness, loneliness, insecurity, sadness, and inner pain from my past (mine had a lot to do with growing up with virtually no validation from my parents). And so I found myself attracted to women who were self-absorbed or alcoholic or bpd.

AJ Mahari is great. She really gets it since she is recovered from bpd and has even been on the other side in a relationship with someone who has bpd. She also talks a lot about that we each have this inner woundedness that we have to work through. Believe me, I’ve vented my anger, sadness, hurt, and I’m now in a great place in my life. I like me. If you haven’t tried that session yet then I’d recommend you do it. I feel like my life has been changed for the better.

-- Feeling Better

I decided to talk to AJ after listening to a lot of her work on bpd online. She knows the ins and outs of bpd and can explain its complexity in a way that’s really accessible. In my sessions with her, I have found her to be down-to-earth and laid-back. She will draw on examples from her own experience which makes you feel like you’re talking to a friend, and she does not pull punches when giving her opinions. She has a real no-nonsense approach that makes talking to her really worthwhile!

-- Pikidu

I am a client of A.J. Mahari’s right now and have been for two years. I have suffered so much of my life from my mother’s narcissistic abuse. A.J. has been and continues to be incredibly helpful to me in helping me heal from this abuse and to chart my way forward in healing, being more my authentic self and more detached from my past. I’m learning to live in the now and to trust myself. My life is changing so much for the better. I would highly recommend A.J. Mahari to anyone who has had a toxic relationship with a person with BPD, NPD, or any other diagnosis. She is an amazingly compassionate expert on the things I know I needed to learn and maybe you do too.

-- Wendy M. Australia

A.J. Mahari works in so many areas. She is amazing! I am a client of hers presently mid 2015 to May 2016 and will be for a while longer. I am making great progress with A.J.’s help. I come from a very toxic dysfunctional abusive family. I have C-PTSD, BPD, codependent issues, anger issues, and trigger easily around alcoholics because both my parents are alcoholics.I also suffered so much from being the scapegoat of the family. A.J. has endless compassion and is a down-to-earth person who has such skill in helping me with everything that I need to work on and through. She really gets it all. She has been through so many of the issues and recovered so she really knows how I feel. I would recommend anyone with any challenge in life work with her she is wonderful. I am growing so much I can hardly believe it.

-- Tracy Z. TN, U.S.A

“my opinion not only is AJ the leading expert in BPD, she is one of the most ethical people I have ever known. I trust her completely and highly recomend her not as just and expert on BPD, but also as someone who has unique insights into the human condition in general. I would trust her with my life and I did.”

-- Duker

“If you want to know more about Borderline Personality Disorder, as a borderline, or non borderline, I totally recommend that you buy A.J. Mahari’s 3 Core Wound of Abandonment Ebooks. I have searched all over the web, read everything I could, including lots of other books and nothing was even close to as helpful to me as A.J.’s insightful explanation of abandonment in BPD. Finally, I understand.Thank you A.J. for the incredible gift of the insight you share that you learned through your own life experience.”

-- Katy Gilchrist, Alberta, Canada

I would highly recommend anyone who is the adult child of a personality disordered parent and/or alcoholic work with A.J. Mahari. I am an adult child of a NPD mother and BPD father and my father was a raging alcoholic. I am still working with A.J. and I’ve never made this much progress in recovery before. She is trustworthy, compassionate, knowledgeable and truly wants to help and listen and support my recovery. She is amazingly awesome. I’ve tried many other therapists in my life over the years and it wasn’t until I started working with A.J. Mahari that I really am recovering and starting to move through surviving to thriving.

-- Mike W. Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I want to highly recommend A.J. Mahari for personal growth, business coaching, and for helping me so much with anxiety issues that I have had that we worked through and I no longer have. A.J. Mahari works with those with many Mental Health challenges and their loved ones but she also is fantastic at helping with personal growth, relationship issues that are everyday type ones and she has also been so helpful and invaluable to me as a Business Coach in helping me not only build my own self-esteem so I could start my business but A.J. also really has helped me so much with my business plan, strategy, and goals. I would not be in business online making a lot of money now without A.J. Mahari’s help personally and her Business acumen and teaching skills from a vast knowledge base there too.

-- David V. - U.K.

“A.J., your ebook about Verbal Abuse helped me to realize so much. I needed to know that I was placing myself in danger and that verbal abuse is not something to minimize. I also needed to know that toxic relating isn’t love. Thanks so much for writing and making that ebook available.”

-- Duke P., Ireland