Refund Policy

Touchstone Life Coaching Services Refund Policy – Click Here

Phoenix Rising Publication Refund Policy

In accordance with standard practice for online digital sales and our terms of sale for each transaction, we are unable to refund any payment after any purchase is made. This no refund policy is a result of the non-returnable nature of digital products.

Digital products sold via this website are like software purchases made at a store that are not refundable once opened. Once you have been granted access to the product, upon payment, it has been subject to being “opened”, read/viewed/listened to, and/or copied and it cannot be returned and therefore cannot be refunded. Access to your purchase is defined as having been granted as soon as your payment is completed and we have sent you an email with a login url, your username and password.

All sales are final.


Phoenix Rising Download Access Reset Policy

All download access automatically expires in 3 days. You must download your purchase within this time frame. After this period, orders may be reset upon request only. If you are having difficulty downloading any file please email us at for assistance.

In the event of computer crash, we will reset your order history for up to 3 days from the day you contact us to report the issue. Orders older than 1 month from the day you contact us will not be reset. This courtesy is only available to buyers who have at least one paid order within the time frame that you require a reset.

You are responsible for backing up your files and you are strongly encouraged to do so regularly.

Touchstone Life Coaching Services Refund Policy

All purchased Life Coaching services are non-refundable. Once you purchase a life coaching session you have up to 30 days to schedule it or it will expire. All packages of 10 sessions purchased at one time you have one month to schedule your first session of 10 but thereafter 6 months to use your entire 10 sessions or they will expire. Sessions, after time has expired will not be refunded and cannot be used past the 6 month mark unless prior arrangements have been made. If we do not hear from you in 6 months, all 10 session non-refundable packages will have expired.

All sales are final.