Toxic Relationship Couple’s Coaching


1 – 2 hour Joint (Couple’s) Toxic Relationship Coaching Session

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1 – 2 hour Joint (Couple’s) Toxic Relationship Coaching Session

Toxic relationships are increasing in our world today. There are many different reasons for this. At the core of this reality of toxic relationships, sadly, and painfully, becoming more of the “norm” than healthier relationships, are so many issues of human woundedness. Issues like mental illness, Borderline Personality, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder, other personality disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, early childhood sexual abuse and the wounds of abandonment and insecure attachment along with the lack of needed coping skills taught in dysfunctional and toxic family systems. What a toxic dysfunctional family, where one or both parents are, if present, emotionally unavailable and the environment is primarily invalidating and not supportive or stable, often the relational style being learned is that of enmeshed codependence, collusion, keeping secrets, feeling invisible and whole host of other issues that are then brought forth from childhood and thrust into adult relationships.

A.J. Mahari has personal life experience with growing up in a toxic dysfunctional, alcoholic, enmeshed, and sexually abusive family. A family that was emotionally unavailable, physically, verbally, and emotionally abusive. A.J. was in her teens and twenties a toxic person contributing to toxic relational dynamics. After years of therapy, recovery on many fronts (issues) she learned how to break free from the cycles of toxic relating, codependence, enmeshment, people pleasing, trying to find identity through others, fighting, emotional chaos and a very painful neediness that is the wound of unresolved abandonment.

After her own healing and recovery, A.J. experienced one more toxic relationship wherein she was not the toxic person but the partner of a toxic person diagnosed with two personality disorders. Her own parents were toxic, personality disordered and emotionally dysfunctional. A.J. has a full-circle, both sides of these relationships and toxic relational dynamics personal life experience. For the last 12 years of her life she has not been in any type of relationship that has been toxic. She knows how, from her own personal recovery and healing journey to break free of this type of relating and of these relationships.

You will experience being heard, understood, not judged, educated, and supported in your sessions toward either creating positive healthy change in your relationship or learning to let it go, grieve, and say good-bye in healthy affirming ways that will yield you so much growth, awareness, and understanding.

Whether or not a relationship can be worked out, can be transformed from toxic to healthier also depends on both people in that relationship doing their own personal recovery and/or healing work. Whether or not you are able to work your relationship out or not you will benefit, each person, so much, if open to learning more about yourself and what being in a toxic relationship not only means but how it negatively impacts your life and is not good for your physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual health.

Please Note: Any purchased life coaching sessions are (or program is) non-refundable.