Emotional Mastery – An Introduction


38 Minute Audio: Emotional Mastery – An Introduction. Do you  need to find emotional relief from pain and stress? Are you unhappy? You can find relief!

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38 Minute Audio: Emotional Mastery – An Introduction

Do you  need to find emotional relief from pain and stress? Are you unhappy? You can find relief!

The truth about dysregulated or unregulated emotion, or mis-managed emotion, is that it leaves people both a slave to their own emotions – reactionary emotionally to others often – and a victim of all that ensues from unmastered emotion. You will benefit from seeking to find relief from out-of-control emotions that often lead you to be your worst enemy. Do you want to find your way to emotional balance and freedom? Are you tired of hurting, being taken advantage of, or being unhappy?

As a life coach, I work with clients, most of whom, to one degree or another have blocks in their emotional understanding and awareness of themselves. Blocks that can be obstacles to change wanted and/or needed. Blocks that hold them back from healthier or happier relationships. And even emotional blocks that can lead to a series of unhealthy or toxic relationships.

Emotions can seem so daunting, can’t they? They can feel overwhelming. They can feel like too much to feel, handle or cope with even. Your emotions might feel so intense that you have a built up fear about feeling them.

Are you repressing your emotions? Are you engaging in diversion tactics? Are you eating, drinking, taking drugs, taking naps, working way too much, avoiding spending any time alone – doing anything it takes to avoid feeling or being more aware of your emotions? Are you not sure how to deal with those emotions?

Are you anxious or depressed or both? Are you often angry and frustrated? Do you feel that it is important to be right. Do you feel invalidated if you aren’t agreed with. Do you trust yourself? Do you trust others? What is the state of your relationships?

If you can relate to these questions, then you might be wondering, how could I ever get control of emotions that I am too afraid to feel? How could I possibly become more aware of what would help me to deal with, cope with and learn to master my own emotions?

You might also wonder why you feel as you do or why you act or behave in some of the ways that you do.

For so many people, where there feelings come from, what their feelings actually feel like, seem to just come out of the blue and not be well understood, if understood at all.

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