Difficult Toxic and/or Abusive People – Toxic Relationships


Coping with Difficult Toxic and/or Abusive People Generally and During the Holidays – Toxic Relationships.

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Difficult Toxic and/or Abusive People – Toxic Relationships

Coping with Difficult Toxic and/or Abusive People Generally and During the Holidays – Toxic Relationships

Holidays tend to bring out the worst in difficult, toxic and/or abusive people. Holidays tend to challenge those who are in relationships, friendships, or who have family members who do not know how to relate in consisent or healthy ways.

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In this audio program, A.J. Mahari talks about the reality of coping with difficult, toxic and/or abusive people generally with a focus on the reality that holidays bring out the worst of the worst in toxic relating.

Mahari examines the reasons why so many people feel trapped in what are toxic, abusive, unhealthy relationship or friendships and what can be done to better understand how you can create the change you need, want, and desire in your life.

Mahari shares her insight as to why people end up stuck in these types of relational patterns and how you can know someone is difficult toxic and/or abusive. What if you have doubts? What if you think this person will change? Can you help this person be who you want them to be? Can you create intimacy with a difficult, toxic and/or abusive person? How can you cope with them, especially during the stressful times associated with holidays.

Mahari also talks about how you can identify the main signs that indicate someone is a difficult, toxic and/or abusive person.

Holidays intensify our feelings and often bring with them the ghosts of days – painful days gone by – that cry out from deep down inside for some expression and some relief. Holidays take us out of our every day routines. Culture in society, generally, and/or religious tradition often threaten to trap us in unrealistic expectations of dreams, wishes, and/or desires that pull strongly upon our heart strings. It is important, especially at holiday times, to be sure to make decisions about who you will spend time with and how you will strategize to cope with difficult, toxic and/or abusive people by relying on your head (reasoning) to make healthy choices – as opposed to allowing your heart to take the lead.

Tracks in this audio program include:

  • Track 1: An examination of the effect of relationships with difficult toxic and/or abusive people – fear, obligation, and guilt. The impact and consequences of unrealistic expectations that holidays can enmesh us even more in long-standing dysfunctional painful patterns of relating.
  • Track 2: How to identify the difficult toxic and/or abusive person.
  • Track 3: Intimacy – What it is and what it isn’t. Can it exist with a difficult toxic and/or abusive person?
  • Track 4: Coping Strategies and Understanding Choices and How to Find Personal Freedom from a toxic relational dynamic.

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