A.J. Mahari’s Adult Child of BPD/NPD Parent(s) 4 Video Bundle


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A.J. Mahari’s Adult Child of BPD/NPD Parent(s) 4 Bundle Video

Author, Life Coach, BPD and Mental Health Coach, recovered borderline (1995) and the child and then adult child of a mother with Borderline Personality Disorder and a father with co-morbid Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder talks about her experience. In these 4 videos A.J. shares her process to understand and try to make sense out of her personality-disordered parents and her resulting woundedness, pain, as an  dult child of personality-disordered parents, her recovery and breaking free of the many traps in a toxic, codependent, enmeshed, abusive and punishing experience at the hands of her parents.  A.J. also talks about how she has forgiven both of her parents. Forgiveness is the end-goal after one has processed and grieved the losses involved and after one has learned to mindfully radically accept what is.

If you want to have the life you want, and eliminate this suffering, your adult child of a peronality-disordered parents(s) you will need to do so actively, with intention, setting goals and working through your anger and your grief. Just how do you do that? A.J. talks about her experience and she also coaches many an adult child of a personality-disordered parent or parents.

You can break free, A.J. did.

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