1 – 50 Minute Coaching Session & Splitting in BPD Audio For Loved Ones


1 – 50 Minute Coaching Session & Splitting in BPD Audio For Loved Ones

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1 – 50 Minute Coaching Session & Splitting in BPD Audio For Loved Ones

Splitting in Borderline Personality – An Understanding For Loved Ones

In the face of the reality of the splitting that is a hallmark of BPD, loved ones will benefit from coming to realize what the cycles of idealization and devaluation that are the result of the cognitively distorted black-and-white all-or-nothing polarized thinking of those with Borderline Personality Disorder.

In this audio program, A.J. Mahari, offers loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder insight and understanding about the central defense mechanism of splitting in BPD and what that means for relationships. Mahari also talks about the importance of loved ones learning to radically accept what borderline splitting really is and means in terms of who the person with BPD in your life really is and/or isn’t.

Tracks in This Audio Program include:

Track 1:  The Roots and Anatomy of Borderline Splitting
Track 2:  The Powerlessness of Loved Ones to Rescue a person with BPD
Track 3:  Whose problem is it really? Why does it feel like your fault?
Track 4: Radical Acceptance of the Powerlessness to Change or Control Borderline Splitting
Track 5: Splitting and the Non Borderline’s Experience of BPD – What About You?

1 – 60 Minute Life Coaching Session with A.J. Mahari

Life Coaching Sessions
Many find purchasing a life coaching session with an ebook or audio program purchase to be very helpful to their over-all understanding and processing of the information included in my ebooks and audio programs. It can be very beneficial to find a supportive and validating listener like A.J. Mahari who doesn’t just write and speak about these issues but who is someone who has also experienced them and has truly felt the very pain that you may now be experiencing and seeking to cope with in your own life.


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