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aj08A.J. Mahari has created a new category area – Steps To Coping to provide you with Audio and Video information on the topics listed on this page and even more (coming). This content will be focused on giving you tips, tools, and the steps to learing and practicing new coping skills, in several areas from A.J.’s perspective as a Life Coach, BPD/Mental Health and Self Improvement Coach. Products in this section will be shorter and focused on tips, tools, and gaining life skills to help you build steps to copings with Abandonment, Anxiety, Stress, and all categories found by clicking on the Coping Tools Skills menu link.

If you are new to facing these challenges in your life, new to wanting to create positive healthy change, or you’ve been working on things for a while and want to add to what you have already processed you will find A.J.’s information invaluable on your journey. Much of what you can purchase in this category is closely related to some of the information, techniques, tools, and skills A.J. helps her clients integrate into their daily life, recovery, healing, coping, in as she Coaches clients through the process of change that each one of them is engaged in.

Much of this Coping Tools Skills information on many aspects lacking emotional balance or being in a painful emotional place in your life will give you practical tips, tools, skills, and action steps to take to practice new ways of coping that can be of help to you whether you want to work with A.J. as your Coach or you are in therapy or you may be in need of support but can’t afford any Coaching or therapy right now. These materials for some will be about learning to cope right now and for others they will provide you with support and validation to help you help yourself a little more so that you can empower yourself in what might be an “in-the-meantime time” time for you.

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, codependency, toxic relationships, lack of boundaries, self-care issues, depression, abandonment, unresolved childhood abandonment, not sure who you are or what you want in your life, having difficulty relating to yourself and/or others, if you have BPD or NPD, or BPD/NPD with or without any other co-morbid diagnosis yourself, or because you are a loved one of someone with a mental illness or Pervasive Developmental Disability (PDD) – Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), or a neurological disorder like Tourette Syndrome (TS) you will benefit from learning more about self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem, over-all coping tools and so forth. You will also benefit from A.J.’s visualizations and relaxation exercices and other things of this nature that will be available for purchase here very. A.J. Mahari provides in depth information that helps people to help themselves, that empowers people to further empower themselves. A.J. has received lots of feedback from clients, people who purchase her Ebooks and Audio Programs in other categories that what she has to give, and to share, that her expertise is life-changing for so many people. Life-changing information, coping tools and skills, goal-setting ideas and so much more that will also inspire you. You will also be able to purchase some inspirational and motivational affirmations and thoughtful meditative reflections from and by A.J. Mahari as well.

Please join me on this most sacred journey won’t you? I look forward to the opportunity to join you for part of your un-folding journey whether I have the opportunity to work with you as your Coach and supporting you identifying and accomplishing more effective and healthier coping skills, compensatory strategies (AS) (TS) or healing, self improvement, recovery, and your identifying, strategizing and getting into action to achieve your goals and dreams.


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