Relationship Rescue – 10 Session Package


This 10 session life coaching package with A.J. Mahari, focuses on increasing your awareness as to your role and responsibility in a troubled or high-conflict relationship.

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Relationship Rescue – 10 Session Package

This 10 – 55 minute sessions life coaching package with A.J. Mahari, focuses on increasing your awareness as to your role and responsibility in a troubled or high-conflict relationship.

This coaching package is primarily intended for each partner to partake of their own coaching sessions for 3 sessions at minimum. There is an option to have 4 joint sessions. This is not set in stone and depends upon the goals that you have in your relationship. However, the most effective way to create empowering healthy change in each partner in the relationship and to improve the over-all quality of the relationship, separate coaching for each partner is most effective.

All relationships are powerful teachers when we let them be. Relationships rescue coaching sessions are designed to help you identify your relational goals and help you to achieve those goals.

Many people are involved and invested in relationships that feature many unhealthy, sometimes, even toxic dynamics. Dynamics that are hurtful to both partners. Many of these relationships are intense and unstable. They are often very emotionally demanding, emotionally draining, and exhausting on the one hand and yet very intensely rewarding on the other hand.

These types of relationships often involve patterns of being on-again, off-again. Patterns of rupture followed by promises, best intentions, and then repeating cycles of emotional chaos. Boundaries are often blurred if they exist at all. These relationships can be very high-risk in terms of their viability.

In her relationship rescue coaching, A.J. Mahari, helps you, or in many cases,  you and your partner, in joint, or separate sessions to gain more awareness about what goal-setting and action steps can create positive healthy change in what might currently be unhealthy relational dynamics.

Within the context of working on your relationship, it is also important to gain more awareness about yourself and what you may be contributing to the difficulties being experienced in your relationship. So the process in this coaching package has a dual focus – the primary focus is on the relationship and its dynamics. The secondary focus is on the presenting partner, or both partners, in joint or separate coaching, and what he or she (or they are) is experiencing. We explore interpretations, the anatomy of need-frustration, patterns of communication/miscommunication, abandonment fears, attachment difficulty, commitment issues, healthy boundaries, how to get on the same page with your partner and be walking a healing path together that can strengthen your connection and also facilitate a healthier way of relating.

Many people are experiencing high-conflict in their relationships. We explore the source and role of that conflict and how to resolve it. Understanding what motivates your role in relational conflict can mean gaining the awareness needed to learn skills to help you resolve conflicts – finding resolution to the conflict instead of remaining engaged in and/or invested in the distraction that the conflict provides.

Relationship rescue coaching with A.J. Mahari will help you to better understand the dynamics of your relationship and at the same time help you to gain increased awareness about the ways that you are investing in relational patterns that are painful and that threaten to rupture your relationship. Also at issue and explored with many who purchase this coaching bundle is the self-defeating choices made in getting involved in a series of relationships that have a common thread/theme/pattern that continues to bring to a challenge of creating healthy positive change in yourself in terms of what you bring to your high-conflict, emotionally chaotic, or even out-right toxic relationship.

This coaching package will help you:

  • Learn effective communication tools
  • Clarify your own needs
  • Learn more about your partner’s needs
  • Clarify your expectations
  • Learn more about your partner’s expectations
  • Clarify your relationship goals
  • Learn new emotion management skills
  • Learn to create closeness through cooperation rather than distance through divisive conflict
  • Replace ineffective and/or painful ways of relating with healthier more effective here-and-now relational dynamics
  • Learn to implement strategy that supports personal growth and wellness along with relationship rescue

Please Note: Any purchased life coaching sessions are (or program is) non-refundable.