Adult Child of BPD or NPD – 10 Session Coaching Package


Adult Child of BPD or NPD – 10-55 min. Session Coaching Package

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Adult Child of BPD or NPD – 10-55 min. Session Coaching Package

Learning to free yourself from the toxic relational traps and hooks that come with being an Adult Child of BPD or NPD or any other personality disorder your mother and/or father might have (or if they’ve passed away – had). When a personality-disordered parent passes away, that in and of itself, will not end the legacy of your pain and issues, often at the top of the list a need for closure. A.J. can help you find that closure on your own from the inside out as she found it in her own life.

In this 10 session package A.J. Mahari works with clients to help them plan effective coping strategy whether they are still in contact with a personality-disordered parent, trying to cope with that parent or those parents and issues around their aging, or passing. There are many traps and hooks that threaten to not only cause the adult child more pain but also to hold the adult child in a dysfunctional relational dynamic with the personality-disordered parent that can take quite a toll on your self-esteem,  your self-worth, choices you make in your own life and your own rights to freely live your own life.

The challenge for each adult child of a personality-disordered parent or parents is to learn how to effectively cope. How to set goals and achieve those goals. How to let go of ways of relating to your BPD or NPD parent or parents that just do not work and finding ways to communicate, cope, and be able to live their own lives free of much of the pain that loved ones experience.

This 10 session package, Coping with the Legacy of being an adult child of a personality-disordered parent or parents, learning how to free yourself from the toxic and painful patterns of on-going relating, and/or choosing no contact is designed to help your identify with clarity what has gone on, what is going on and how to identify what you need, what is causing you pain, keeping you stuck and/or blocked. Do you still feel like a victim of a BPD or NPD parent? A.J. can help you to empower yourself beyond the hooks and the traps of what is often the adult child losing him or herself and/or his or her life to an excessive and reactive focus on the personality-disordered parent or parents.

You can Break Free From the BPD Maze and find your own recovery. A.J. helps her non borderline clients to win this type of freedom whether they remain in any way connected to the person with BPD or not.

Please Note: Any purchased life coaching sessions are (or program is) non-refundable.