10 Session Package Loved Ones of BPD/NPD/HPD – Needing to Go No Contact


10-55 min. Session Package Loved Ones of BPD/NPD/HPD – Needing to Go No Contact.

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10 Session Package Loved Ones of BPD/NPD/HPD

10-55 min. Session Package Loved Ones of BPD/NPD/HPD – Needing to Go No Contact

If you have a loved one that has what has been diagnosed as or you believe to have co-morbid (co-existing) Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD), Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and may or may not meet the criteria for Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD) or any combination of two or more of these Personality Disorders this Counselling/Coaching package will be of great assistance to you in finding your way through the maze of emotions that a decision (as last resort) to go no contact from your afflicted and troubled loved one will bring up for you.

You can choose to go no contact, and find your way thought the emotional maze of guilt, feeling like you should do more, wanting to rescue someone that you just can’t. No matter how much you may still care for someone with Co-morbid Personality Disorders there comes a time when no contact is the only avenue left to you to protect yourself or selves (family) to protect your health, finances, and to not lose the quality of the life you deserve to someone who refuses to get the help that they need.

I am here to help you through all of those conflicting emotions, as one who has been through them, gone no contact, and made it to the other side. The other side meaning, living a quality life where I am no longer feeling bad for those I had to go no contact from, living guilt-free and happy having gone through the process of letting (in my case) “personality disordered loved ones go” and not being trapped in any emotion about that anymore.

People deserve to take care of themselves, their family members, and family and not break free from being abused, hurt, stressed, and living in fear of someone that you may well have compassion for or love for but that will burn you if you stay in contact with the chaos and drama that they will continue to bring to your life.

Please Note: Any purchased life coaching session(s) is (are) non-refundable.